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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  December 23, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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prices coming down. jo ling: that's it for us today. thanks for joining us. happy holiday, enjoy this special time of year. check out my podcast. "making money" with charles payne right now. charles: another triple digit session moves the dow higher. the dow up 185 points today, edging closer to being positive for the year. hillary clinton continues her attack on donald trump. is she playing the victim card too much? ben carson hinting at major changes, a possible hail mary to his campaign. >> everything is on the table. we are constantly look at everything, looking to see if there are what is to improve things, if there are personnel
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changes that need to be made. i recognize nothing is perfect and we have had enormous fundraising. but that requires that you be efficient in a way that you utilize the funds. we are look at all those things. charles: that was ben carson announcing a major shakeup in his campaign is coming in a few days. he said i have 100% confidence in my campaign team and together we look forward to winning in iowa and beyond. year streamlining some staff assignments to more aptly match the task ahead. we know that the campaign has been struggling of late. this shakeup will have worked. in my mind it probably is going to be a hail mary.
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with me now bo dietl. and roger sloan former trump advisor. and peter morisi, an economist. let me tell you, there was a quote by arm strong williams, a famous radio guy, he said dr. carson is back in charge. you feel like he lost control of his campaign. this is it. he must make a move now. >> i think he's rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. as the debate shifted to foreign policy issues and terrorism, this is not in his wheel house, he suffered, his answers were weak in the debate. there are some real pros, but
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the problem with their campaign is the candidate, not the campaign. charles: something leaked out that he couldn't grasp. then people said, by the way go on the sunday talk shows. he looked like lost. it felt like they set hip up. maybe he feels this way. >> i have to agree it is the candidate and not the campaign and i'm not sure this is going to help that much. he has run an effective campaign. he brought in small donations. he has been extremely effective on social media and has been likeable and consistently conservative guy. even on things he should know well like medicare, i'm not sure at the end of the day it may be too little too late. charles: donald trump doesn't
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know what the triad is and he wants to be commander-in-chief and people say no big deal. but ben carson don't know foreignt foreign policy and it sinks his shift. >> now that things get dirty with hillary and you have senator cruz and my friend going at it and donald going at it. he's too nice of a person to be caught in the mud with them. he doesn't raise his voice. it seems like he's not fitting in there. i think he's going to come on and try to get that manliness. it's the only way i can say it. the fact that he's so nice. >> he would make a great surgeon general. trump is running a multi million dollar business.
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charles: dr. carson in recent days said i'm tougher than you guys think i am and playing catchup, if you will. >> he has to get himself some decent economists and foreign policy experts and internalize it. what's disappointing about dr. carson, he doesn't understand the necessity to be knowledgeable. that would be his trump card that he's more knowledgeable than donald but it's not there. i don't think you can turn a campaign around in 30 days, and that's all he's got. as you said in the beginning this is a hail mary and it's not likely to succeed. charles: we'll talk about where his 10% on average would go. big news today.
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franklin graham made it official, he's out of the gop. this two-party establishment thing is beginning to crumble. >> i think voters are sick of the two-party dueling open think. they play the cards are the democrats. * that's very, very important. all of a sudden you don't conform to that little guy running testifying, what's his name? the head of the republican party. republicans are too upper echelon. donald trump like he said, is a ceo. he's a candidate for the democrats and for the republicans. charles: on the democratic side
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a lot of people are looking at bernie sanders. an outsider if you will hole probably listen to the grassroots, the american public. i see cracks on both sides of the aisle. >> on the democratic side you are receiving the normal primary process man this case the frontrunner prevailing. i expect him to solidify behind clinton. if trump is the nominee it will be a goldwater election the establishment party basically deserted the candidate. you see the republican party getting its tails whipped by an amateur. but he's showing how hollow the republican party has become with adherence to ideological issues.
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and nominating losers to go through south carolina. i know no man that permits a republican to win the presidency without ohio, virginia and colorado. charles: can you take the core, the heart of the republican party? is donald trump going to read the fine core values that until a couple years ago weren't necessarily his values? will he redefine those for the grassroots gop voter? >> what he's doing is redefining select early to politics. instead of being an election about policy web's make it an election about values. he's running against democrats and republicans and running on values. he's running on values around personal accountability and strong defense. he's not consistently
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conservative that's why we are seeing hillary clinton speak so much about him. he actually play to the middle more even than the very right side of the republican party. >> wouldn't he appeal to the independent vote terms's not so conservative? >> he does. the folks polling towards him are more moderate. >> this scene uprising. i don't think trump has any problem with the grass roots in the republican party. there always broad gap between the party leadership and the people raising money for them. charles: what is the gap? >> the gap is bush can't do it. >> republican voters weren't real reform. charles: when boehner was leaving he talked about false prophets.
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>> as paul ryan said, that cake was baked. he's been here 7 weeks. he can remix and make a souffle and the whole thing would collapse. >> i know for 30 years donald trump. this guy gets things done and he will be a great president. he will get the best people behind him. he will get everyone behind him. so what's wrong with that, having a president who will get something done. >> you have still have a party that needs to figure itself out. charles: i had senators who said they didn't vote for the funding bill but they defended ryan. how can one man break that up?
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>> the answer is one man can't break it up. the presidency has changed. increasingly we are operating in the bush model where the vice president is a prime minister. to me the ideal team would be trump and ryan. why? ryan knows how to work the system. he's one of the most respected men in washington. trump would go around the country, make speeches to the crowd and ryan would run the country. i'm sceptical trump could run the country. charles: donald trump is crushing it in the latest polls. forget what the experts say. we want to figure out how the path goes from here to the nomination. we'll be right back. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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charles: donald trump absolutely dominating in the latest cnn/orc poll. most of the experts i know, bipartisan ones, are saying there is no way trump can or will win this thing so it's time to connect the dots. joining me now is the executive you tore of daily caller and fox news contributor tammy bruce. we see a trends. ben cash stop collapsed and it feels like cruz got a little bit
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more than any of that. trump gets his fair share. can we extrapolate that and apply it to the rest of the candidates? >> all of them are bank on the rest of the field to drop out, including and besides trump. before it doesn't seem at this point trump is doing anything but gaining momentum. ted cruz is probably the biggest pen fishery of the latest bout of momentum. charles: walk us through the potential way for the nominee. who will drop out and who wins from that. >> the question comes down to new hampshire. iowa we have a battle. we have ted cruz potentially winning.
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in new hampshire you will see the establishment candidates desired whether they are going to continue. chris christie is going hard in new hampshire. if he loses there it's probably unlikely he will have much success. jeb bushes sessionally, i think the race is over for him. we'll be look at this trump, cruz, rubio,carson four-way race going into early next year after new hampshire. charles: do the non-establishment candidates pick those potential voters up? >> bush has 3% in this latest poll. carly fiorina is 1%. a complete collapse. kasich has 1 1/2 voters. what the key is going to be and what trump seems to be doing is
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winning people over on his own volition. what we have to see the establishment do, they will still have a campaign strategy likely with rubio and he's not moving up forward. he's still far behind cruz at this point. even though the numbers are different you see the trump and cruz dynamic. what mr. trump is going to have to do is unveil an actual technical traditional campaign because in places like florida and the larger states it's about television ads. you can't walk door to door. you can have a few big rallies but that's going to run out. >> he's got wind in his sales. he will probably do whatever it takes. but i want to ask you with this latest poll. trump at 39% unfavor and at 57%.
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does the 57% mean 39% is almost at the ceiling? >> there is plenty of time for that to switch. 58% of voters could switch their vote. for the democrats 19% are extremely enthusiastic. for the republicans, i think it's 36% it's an extraordinary gap. this is after months of fear mongering on trump. months of hillary going after him. but it's not working for the democrats. >> enthusiasm is huge. likability numbers are weird for donald trump. a lot of people self report he's not likeable but think he's competent. he's a very mysterious candidate. charles: you do not want to miss fox business' next presidential debate. january 14.
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the candidates will take center stage in south carolina. have you seen this "washington post" cartoon? it depicted ted cruz's daughters as trained monkeys. cruz got a little jab at these guys today. jeb bush: donald, you know, is great at the one-liners.
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but he's a chaos candidate. and he'd be a chaos president. two months ago, donald trump said
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that isis was not our fight. donald trump: let syria and isis fight. why are we... why do we care? let isis and syria fight. jeb bush: he said that hillary clinton would be a great negotiator with iran. donald trump: hillary's always surrounded herself with very good people. i think hillary would do a good job. jeb bush: and he gets his foreign policy experience from the shows. chuck todd: who do you talk to for military advice right now? donald trump: well, i watch the shows. i mean, i really see a lot of great, you know, when you watch your show and all of the other shows... jeb bush: i don't know if that's saturday morning, or sunday morning. donald, you're not going to be able to insult your way to the presidency. that's not going to happen. if i'm president, i'll be a commander-in-chief, not an agitator-in-chief or a divider-in-chief... that i will lead this country in a way that will create greater security and greater safety. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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charles: the illinois attorney general said fanduel and draftking violates state law. a cartoon in the "washington
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post" that shows ted cruz's children as monkeys. ted cruz fired back on twitter. earlier today he had this to say. >> i have to admit yesterday when i saw that cartoon, not much ticks me off. but making fun of my girls, that will do it. all of us learned in kinder gearten, don't hit little girls. he's not complicated. don't make fun of a 5-year-old and 7-year-old girl. every one expects mainstream media to be liberally biased. folks want to attack me, that's part of the process, i signed up for that. but my girls didn't sign up for that. charles: i think "the washington post" went too far.
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tammy bruce joining me. jessica, "washington post" fees like they crossed the line here. >> they did and they took it back. the editor said he had not seen the cartoon before it went out. they have a no children policy and they took it down. ted cruz is fundraising off of that. we know the obama girls were made fun of. >> do you remember the nra ad. >> no. charles: i remember george bush being depicted as a chimpanzee and a but noon. i doubt any newspaper in the world would draw a picture of president obama's daughters as monkeys.
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>> it would be outrageous because that draws on racial lines and causing all types of problems. as far as ted cruz cartoons, that was i appropriate, they needed to retract and they need to make sure those types of things don't go forward. this is not the type of behavior we need in political season. these are kid and could be hurt. charles: i remember a key image after one of the fir debate is ted cruz hugging his daughters. people say if you want to have your kid involved in a campaign they become fair game. >> the phrase "fair game" when it comes to children. these are little kids. 5 and 7 years old. we have universal rejection of this.
6:27 pm
there is no one defending it. the cartoonist is saying it's fair game. the genie is out of the bottle. this is i think helpful. i find no problem with ted cruz fundraising on it because this is the fight decency versus obscenity. what this nation is going to become, an has every right to point it out. >> if this continues it's possible it will come. and i think it' a good thing it happened so early in the campaign season. charles: it point to some deep-seeded vitriolic hatred toward conservatives? >> i don't think so. this wasn't just him out in the yard with his kids. they were making fun of obama policies. charles: this was a "saturday
6:28 pm
night live" ad they are look at. people saying if you are going to put your children on tv, they become part of the political process. >> it's a first amendment issue and it's protected speech. >> she is standing up saying especially the way ted cruz used his children. >> to say he's using his children as political pawns -- >> i'm he can blaingt cartoonist herself articulated. >> there is a expert responsibility that comes with the media. particularly an organization like "the washington post." we'll be back. we'll come back and talk about a
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>> nothing surprises me anymore. i don't know if he has any boundaries at all.
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his bigot are you, his bullying and blustering have become his campaign. charles: this trump-hillary feud continues. hillary also saying it's not the first time he has demonstrated a pen complainant for sexism. donald trump said the hillary clinton statement yesterday was pathetic. be careful, hillary, he tweeted, as you play the war on women or women being degrade card. charles: is she going to the women's victim card too soon too often? >> i don't think so. we know he has attacked one of our own in the building. he's loose with his words. sometimes they come back to haunt him and she is also losing women voters.
6:34 pm
i would like her to transition into a policy discussion and talk about that donald trump's policies are not good for women. everybody knows donald trump is rude. he doesn't believe in raising the minimum wage. charles: so the economic war on women? >> women are part of it, but i don't think that will be the long-term winner. the democrats can beat the republicans on policy and that's where they should go. the demographic friends this country at some point means we do need to be nice tore blacks, hispanics, women and others if we want to get back to the white house. >> the politicians in general need to be nice tore americans and policies need to be nice
6:35 pm
tore americans overall. what we see with hillary is americans don't go out to vote against something, they vote for something. so hillary is not going to win by talking about how bad donald trump is. we have a woman who thinks she is going to be a commander-in-chief and she is a whiney victim. they want to know what she stand for. not what she thinks of donald trump. jeb bush is failing and he's going after trump. they are not explaining what they themselves stand for. so as a woman and as a feminist, this isn't about being a victim. we want a commander-in-chief and leader. >> hillary has called republicans terrorists. so this is a little bit of the case of the pot calling the kettle black with her and i think tammy is right. we don't want a womb in the white house because she is a woman.
6:36 pm
we want a woman in the white house because she is a good leader. hillary clinton's policies have not demonstrated she is a leader. trump's polling with women is pretty on par. >> with what? >> he has 33%. women are not decidedly against him. when you look at his favorability ratings he has gone up more than anyone. he's at 45% now. it's not fair to say that women are not going to vote for trump. charles: she didn't look too strong there, roger. if you are going for the stop job in the world and if he hurts your feelings in some kinds of way you may not be the right person for the job. >> she is playing the victim card because it worked for the clintons before.
6:37 pm
but her record of terrorizing the women for his alleged sexual assault victims. these women will be active in october, they will be outspoken. charles: for the young millennial woman voting for the first time, i don't think that will be effective. i think the narrative will be you have someone decidedly against you. >> i think at this point donald trump's issue is how women will be responding to ted cruz versus him. so that becomes the issue. charles: i think ted cruz has the slight edge. hillary has her own issues with women. charles: i have got some information for you.
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charles: gas is at $2. we'll be right back.
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charles: it's look like christmas 2008. that's the last time we have seen gas at these prices. home sales up 4% last month. consumer sent i am and there are so many signs that wages will finally start to creep higher. is the economy on the cusp of a breakout? david, does it feel like all the pieces are coming together? >> i certainly do. the fundamentals are getting stronger. we have the good employment figures. we have low interest rates and low gas prices. consumer sentiment is pick up as well.
6:43 pm
>> how come it hasn't kicked in to this point i think people would ask. >> the knee-jerk reaction is the low gas price is like a tax cut. where is that money going? we are not seeing that in the traditional areas. where is it asking it's going into healthcare, it's going into rent, it's going into our homes. look at the sales as the home depot. charles: people see the premium increases and it will blow your minds. peter you talked about this. you sort of predicted this, is this the moment you have been looking for? >> i think we are at the cusp. consumers have not been spending their money. but sooner or later those stocks
6:44 pm
will spend the money. gas prices, oil prices have fallen much more than we thought they would. come the spring we'll be in good shape. fourth quarter growth won't be spectacular. but i think by spring and this summer we'll be feeling better about the economy than we are now. is it back to the reagan days? no. we have obama in the white house and the prospect of hillary clinton coming president is having a negative effect. we don't have a lot of small business forenation and the continuation of these anti-business policies is not helping. >> there is no doubt in my minds big businesses are not going to put money as risk as long as president obama is in office. caterpillar on light volume days. are we seeing a major rotation starting early?
6:45 pm
>> too early to tell. large swaths of the market are down 10-20%. they are offering good dividends. this may be the early signs of rotations. charles: 90% of the volume on the new york stock exchange was positive. we have a calm heartwarming sports stories to share with you. a walk-off player on the university of florida, take a look at this. his first ever ncaa points last night. he has only one arm. he has been on this team for two years. the new york jets, gained national attention when he stood outside the houston, texas facility saying not homeless but
6:46 pm
starving for success. the black lives matter movement shut down the mall of america two days before christmas. and what do they want? we'll be right back.
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you. charles: the black lives matter movement protesting at the maul of america and the minneapolis airport causing traffic delays. they are hoping to draw attention to the shooting of an unarmed blackman during an
6:50 pm
assault complaint. i talked about this with neil earlier today, and the tweet i got is what is the cause? what does black lives matter want in and why are they going by the in this way? >> it's a movement and not one specific group of people. they want awareness of black violence. this is a multi faceted effort. they want to talk about police violence and the underrepresentation of minorities on police forces. they are trying to bring awareness to this case where it has been totally ignored. until people bring awareness to these cases some of them will get down the road where the last shooting case, rahm emanuel hid the shooting for a year and it
6:51 pm
wasn't exposed. >> black lives matter. all those kid we talk about that get gunned down in chicago, their lives matter, too. what they are doing here in minneapolis is disgusting. these people, i'm sure african-american people go shopping. why should they be stopped from doing their shopping for christmas. all you are doing is hurting those people. >> that's a demonstration. you demonstrate -- >> the people in those stores. >> no, they have the right. >> when people were demonstrating -- >> black people stopped taking the bus, they didn't stop white people from taking the bus. >> if you look at other demonstrations like the woolworth counter demonstration where people would sit at the counter because they didn't have the right.
6:52 pm
>> this is something that's very disruptive. >> that's the point. >> i think it's dumb p.r. so many people who potentially see your side will be and 8. this is the time of year when hundreds of thousands of people have a job for months. these jobs sustain them. they could buy christmas gifts. >> if you had to shut your store down right before christmas, that's not right. >> it's bringing awareness to the movement. that's the purpose of a protest, to bring awareness. they are not going protest at their own house. >> you are wrong on this, eric. >> they first started.
6:53 pm
remember when they used to go in the restaurants and and over people when they were eating? >> i did not like that. that's an invasion of personal space. what they are doing here is not an invasion of personal space. his goal is anti-capitalism, and they need to be sure. i saw the kids. they were black and white and they were young. charles: guys, 39 days until iowa caucus and anything can happen. trump is crushing it. but his rivals are getting desperate. in fact ben carson may do something wild soon. we have the power panel coming right back.
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charles: welcome back, 39 days until the iowa caucus, what is next for the candidates? the power panel is back, rodger, you have been through this process, you have seen it up close, the candidates who are lagging, what do they do from here? someone is telling them within their circle, you still got a shot. >> it is very hard to poll in caucus or primary, they are volatile, santorum won 3 years ago but was never led or in second place. charles: is that cautionary for company is up -- trump supporters? >> that is his task. clearly, you have a more competitive contest with ted cruz moving up, i think that trump will prevail because he
6:58 pm
does have a large enough lead, no, all eyes will be on marco rubio, can he live up to the hype. >> he vanishes after the debates. he gets postdebate press they like him, most debates they think he won, then he fades away. >> just like carly fiorina, the same problem. this year is different, you would have evangelicals, and then they disappear by february. this is different. whoever wins iowa may actually have longer legs than people who won it before, trump's issue is, he comes in second, that tells people, his people will come out, the people who come in first or second in
6:59 pm
iowa have a boost in new hampshire. >>grees. charles: the snow ball. now i guess, they play spoiler because jeb bush with the ads going strictly after donald trump, it does not feel that jeb is trying to win as much as derail the trump train. >> a lot of people still rooting for jeb bush. i agree with everyone, i think right now it would be unlikely for anyone to breakthrough. having said that in 2004, to thousand 8 -- 22 2000 sit, and 2012 there were front-runners at-this-point that were not candidates. charles: reminded over and over on democratic side, standards have a shot. >> no, i don't think show. charles: really. >> a lot of people like bernie
7:00 pm
. enthusiasm for bernie you are into him but he is not drawing 10,000 people any more, the democrats are co, lessing. charles: we hand it over to tom sullivan take it away. tom: good evening, i am tom sullivan in for lou dobbs we start with donald trump closing out year with a sizable lead over the rest of the republican presidential field, a new cnn poll shows trump with 39% support, 21 points ahead of his next closest rival senator ted cruz, more than half of republican voters say trump is candidate best suited to handle, immigration, the economy, islamic state. >> also, senator cruz handed a political gift for christmas by washington post, paper forced to retrack a cartn


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